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LiveScan Fingerprinting

Quality Care

Live Scan is the easiest way to get a government background check, Fast, Convenient, and Secure. When your fingerprints are scanned digitally, it is referred to as a Live Scan. Upon completion of your live scan, your digital prints are electronically submitted immediately to the CA Department of Justice (CA DOJ) and/or the FBI.  These government agencies will then match your fingerprints against their criminal data base and directly notify the requesting agency of the results.  If you have no record, you have successfully passed your background screening and the requesting agency may then issue your license or credential and authorize you to commence employment as the case may be.

A1 Live Scan is certified and authorized

to roll fingerprints by the following organizations.  We have performed 1000s’ of live scans and have a 99.99% acceptance rate of fingerprints submitted electronically.

How it Works:

Step 1. 
Fill out your Request For Live Scan Service form and bring with valid ID and a form of payment. When you visit our location, having a live scan request form is a must.

(If you need Help finding a Request for Live Scan form Click Here  or Call us at (916) 544-4000)

Step 2. Walk-in to our-location or Book an appointment below

Step 3. Get fingerprinted

Our trained and certified operators will take your prints and submit your transaction to the government to process your results.

For Ink Fingerprinting CLICK HERE

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