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Ink Fingerprinting

Approved by the California Department of Justice and FBI

  • In addition to digital fingerprinting service, Our location offers ink-rolling, or ink fingerprinting services as well. Traditional ink fingerprinting methods are cost-effective and available at this location. Fingers are rolled across an ink pad and then across a standardized fingerprinting card. Cleanup is simple with the provided ink cleaning solution.

  • Outside states may request Ink Fingerprinting which will be printed on a hard card. You’ll be the one to mail this card to the requesting agency. Either your agency will provide you with a ink card or we will provide you with the standard FD-258 ink card.

  • Ink fingerprints can legally be sent across state lines. This means that doctors, Registered Nurses,  and other professionals applying for a license can have fingerprints taken in one state and sent to another for approval.

  • Advantages: Ink vs. Digital

  1. More affordable

  2. Available at this location.

  3. Results can be sent across state lines

To fill you in on the fingerprinting services offered at our location, call us today at (916) 544-4000 or use our free online appointment scheduling.

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Apostille certification is frequently required by foreign governments. If you need an Apostille you must request it after you receive your background check. Follow the links below for further assistance.

DOJ Apostille

FBI Apostille

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