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A1 Wireless Live Scan FD-258 Card Printing Services

The FD-258 Fingerprint Card.

A1 Wireless Live Scan offers fingerprinting onto FBI cards.

What is an FD-258?

The FD-258 is the official fingerprint card produced and approved by the FBI. This card is sized 8" x 8" and contains the full privacy act statement required by the FBI.

FD-258 Ink Card is an essential tool for capturing and recording fingerprint data, known and used by various agencies across the United States. Developed by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this little card has a significant role in law enforcement, employment checks, licensing, and more.

The Role of the FD-258 Fingerprint Card in the Identification Process

The FD-258 fingerprint card ensures that no two individuals can share an identity by capturing unique biometric data- fingerprints. When these fingerprint cards are submitted, agencies can cross-reference the prints against their databases, ensuring a thorough, accurate identity check. The FD-258 fingerprint card helps maintain professional integrity and societal safety.

Components of the FD-258 fingerprint card

The FD-258 Fingerprint Card comprises several integral components to capture an individual’s specific biodata and fingerprint impressions. The upper part of the card captures personal details such as the subject’s name, aliases, date and place of birth, sex, and race.

The focus then shifts to the lower section, where ten rolled fingerprints and flat impressions are captured, ideally with black ink. Each box on the card represents a specific finger, starting from the thumb of the right hand to the left.

Instructions for filling out the FD-258 fingerprint card accurately

The key to the formidable task of filling out the FD-258 Fingerprint Card lies in careful data entry and proper fingerprinting. Accuracy is vital to avoid rejection or delays.

It’s vital to capably use black ink and print all characters when recording personal information. As for fingerprints, ensure each finger is individually rolled from one side to the other to capture the entire fingerprint pattern. It’s also prudent to ensure the hands are clean and dry to avoid smudging.

Lastly, a control number and signature seal the card, completing the task.


To every law enforcement agency and even among civilians, the FD-258 fingerprint card carries undeniable importance. It’s no ordinary card but a tool to record personal fingerprints for registration or criminal investigative purposes.

Getting an FD-258 Fingerprint Card can be a complex process. With so many providers out there, choosing the best one is essential. That’s where the A1 Wireless live scan and Certifix Live Scan comes in. As the leading provider in the industry, We offer top-notch services that ensure accuracy and efficiency.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact us.

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