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How to Obtain Ink Fingerprints for Background Check Processing!

A1 Wireless Live Scan offers high-quality ink fingerprinting services in Sacramento area.

Ink Fingerprints Live Scan
Ink Fingerprints

Ink fingerprints are still required for some background checks, such as those required for employment in certain industries or for security clearances. To obtain ink fingerprints for a background check, you can visit A1 Wireless Live Scan in Sacramento area.

Here are the steps on how to obtain ink fingerprints for a background check:

Obtain a fingerprint card. If you do not have fingerprint card, reach out to A1 Wireless Live Scan. You can get a fingerprint card from A1 Wireless Live Scan.

Fill out the fingerprint card. Be sure to print your name, date of birth, and other personal information clearly and legibly.

Roll your fingerprints. Live Scan Tech will use black ink and roll each finger from the outside to the inside, applying even pressure. Live Scan tech will make sure to get a good impression of all of your fingerprints.

Mail the fingerprint card to the company or agency conducting the background check. Be sure to follow the instructions on the fingerprint card carefully.

If you have any questions about obtaining ink fingerprints for a background check, you can contact us at to find your nearest location, or give us a call at 916-544-4000, or email us at


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