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FBI Personal Background Check!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Be sure you know what's in your criminal history report!

 Identity History Summary/Rap Sheet
FBI Identity History Summary/Rap Sheet

An FBI history check is a type of background check that can be used to verify an individual's criminal history. The FBI maintains a database of criminal records from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. When an FBI history check is requested, the FBI will search this database for any records that match the individual's name and fingerprints.

There are a few different ways to request an FBI history check. One way is to submit a request through the A1 Wireless Live Scan.

The turnaround time for an FBI history check also varies depending on the method of request. The FBI Check Via e-mail 2-24 Business hrs., and via mail 2-4 weeks to process an FBI request. A1 Wireless Live Scan is a approved third-party background check company typically have a faster turnaround time.

An FBI history check can be a valuable tool for employers, landlords, and other organizations that need to verify an individual's criminal history. The check can help to identify individuals who have a history of criminal activity, which can help to protect the organization from potential liability.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to request an FBI history check:

To verify an individual's criminal history

To screen job applicants

To screen tenants

To conduct a security clearance investigation

If you have any questions about FBI history checks, you can contact the A1 Wireless Live Scan at 916-544-4000, or email us at

Why do I need an FBI Identity Check?

To verify your individual information is accurate

To review in advance of an employer, an agency, or anyone else requesting it

To request a correction if information is inaccurate

To satisfy possible requirements for adopting a child in the United States or internationally

To satisfy a possible requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country

I’ve never committed a crime, why would I need an FBI Identity History Check?

Just because you’ve never personally committed a crime doesn’t mean that someone else didn’t while using your identity. Or maybe there was mistaken identity with someone who shares the same name? It’s key to make sure your FBI Background and History Check is correct

Here are some of the things that an FBI history check will not show:

Arrests that did not result in a conviction

Convictions that have been expunged or sealed

Juvenile records

Records of arrests or convictions that occurred outside of the United States

How do I obtain an FBI Identity History Check?

It’s easy! Visit us at one of our Citrus Heights or Rocklin locations, securely provide your fingerprints which we will submit electronically to the FBI. A link will be emailed to you to safely access your Federal background check results. Click on Schedule an Appointment Today above to locate your nearest center.


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